June 17, 2016


Sole Purpose Fundraising gives your school or organization the unique opportunity to host an amazing event with minimal volunteer engagement. As part of our model, Sole Purpose will come to your school, set up, host and clean up your running event while you can watch and enjoy. With a 50% share of all profits, Sole Purpose provides no easier way to raise money for your school and organization. A simple enrollment fee from each student ensures revenue and the rest is taken care of. Want a theme for your event? No problem! Let us know and we can make that happen too!

How We Do It

After signing up for your event, Sole Purpose Fundraising will provide a flyer that will be sent home with each student.

  • Students will have the ability to sign up directly from the Sole Purpose website.
  • Friends and relatives can add to the student registration will donations of their own on the Sole Purpose website.
  • Schools/organizations will know exactly how much is being raised by simply logging into their name from our webpage.
  • Students will race by grade on approved distances on school grounds.
  • Water and T-shirts will be provided.
  • Every participant will receive a finisher’s medal.
  • Community service volunteer hours are always welcome and will have the opportunity to sign through the Sole Purpose website

Why Sole Purpose?

Every school has the opportunity to host fundraising events throughout the year, but none like this. Call us today for information on how Sole Purpose Fundraising can help your school or organization maintain 50% of fundraising profits completely hands free!