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What is sole purpose?

Sole Purpose Fundraising is one of the simplest ways to raise money for your school or organization. We create a fun run for all grade school levels. Call us today for a meeting and to schedule your day for fall and/or spring fundraising events. All schools or organizations that book two events per year will receive a 10% increase on fundraising efforts for their second event.
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Sign Up Your School

On your mark. Signing up your school is quick and easy, simply fill out your school application and we’ll guide you to the start line!

Set a goal target

Get set. Choose the fundraising amount you would like raise to get that new lab equipment or new gym for your school.

Receive donations

Ready. Your school will have their very own online event page where you’ll be able to keep track of your donations.

Run Your Race

Go! You’ve reached your goal, now go run your race and have fun.

What We Do

Every school has the opportunity to host fundraising events throughout the year, but none like this.
School fundraising made fun and easy

Sole Purpose Fundraising gives your school or organization the unique opportunity to host an amazing event with minimal volunteer engagement.

As part of our model, Sole Purpose will come to your school, set up, host and clean up your running event while you can watch and enjoy. With up to 50% share of all funds raised by your school, Sole Purpose provides no easier way to raise money for your school and organization.

A simple enrollment fee from each student ensures revenue and the rest is taken care of. Want a theme for your event? No problem! Let us know and we can make that happen too!